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Why Alternative Tango?

Updated: May 22, 2023

Is Alternative Tango a style of dance? Not exactly.

Is Alternative Tango about the music? Not necessarily.

Is Alternative Tango about the steps? Not generally.

Then what is it about?

For us, Alternative Tango is a state of mind, a personal celebration of the unconventional and the beautifully unexpected. Tango has a rich history that has inspired dancers across continents and generations, and it continues to evolve in intriguing ways.

Alternative Tango honors that evolution.

There is a power to this transformative dance. The intensity of connection, the subtle communication between partners, and the rhythmic conversation with the music -- these elements have shaped our tango journey. And in turn, our tango journey has influenced the rest of our lives in both minor and grand ways.

We have created Alt Tango to pay homage to each of our journeys and to explore the variations and diversity that keeps this dance so vibrant and alive. At its best, this will be a shared archive of our personal tango experiences in all its myriad forms.

Alternative Tango is not about replacing the traditional; it's about augmenting it. It's about understanding that there is room for all of us on the dance floor. It's about creating spaces where everyone can express themselves through tango, regardless of their identity or background.

In this format, we hope to feature ideas, dancers, histories, classes, techniques, and artworks that inhabit the Alt Tango mindset. Whether you're a seasoned tango dancer, or you're lacing your shoes for the first time, we intend to share something for you here.

We remind ourselves -- tango is not about following steps or figures. It's about connection, expression, and emotion. It's about letting the music guide you and your partner, forming an unspoken bond that transcends the physicality of the dance. It's about embracing the moment, surrendering to the rhythm, and allowing your body to tell a story.

As we dive into the Alternative Tango scene together, we invite you to open your mind and heart to possibilities. Let's not be confined by the conventional norms, but instead, celebrate the diversity and creativity that makes tango truly a universal language.

Here's to a journey filled with unexpected movements and passionate connections. Let us together make a place to respect and learn our tango history while creating a modern, beautiful, and inclusive definition of what the future of tango could be.


Traci, Martín & Deniz

The Alt Tango Team


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